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0.35MM case for samsung galaxy s23 s24 plus ultra cases thin Carbon Fiber PP Price: US $0.49

Price: 4.02 - 0.49


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 This is the official shop of TUYATU. The original intention of opening the shop is also to facilitate and serve friends. It is the first time to meet with you in the form of a store. We are also very worried about whether we can do it well and satisfy all friends. We will uphold the heart of discovering good things.Work hard to bring you more quality products. If you don’t do well during the first meeting, I hope to point out. If you are satisfied, I hope to be more beautiful. Love you!

Please be sure to read before placing an order to help better understand the use of the product and the precautions for purchase
1.Ultra-thin shell, restoring the bare metal feel can avoid daily scratching, but it is not drop-proof. Please don’t shoot with friends who need drop-proof.
2.The surface has a micro-frosting process, which can effectively prevent oil stains and hand sweat
3PP material, never yellowing, thickness of 0.04mm, about soft and hard shell, can be understood as ultra-thin hard shell
4. Wrap to the middle frame position, no higher than the screen (except for some models, we will mark), most of the film can be well compatible, do not worry about the top film problem.
5.Due to the material characteristics of the PP shell, the buttons cannot be made very well. The button hollow processing method is adopted, and some mechanical buttons may not be so easy to be hidden. Please pay attention to placing an order.

1. Due to the epidemic this year, many express delivery will be slow. If the express delivery has not been delivered for a long time, please don’t worry, we will reissue the product for you free of charge.
2. We don’t have to worry if the product is damaged due to express delivery. We can also reissue the product for you free of charge.
3. Friends who need fast speed and more urgent use can choose the paid AliExpress standard and AliExpress simple logistics.
4. All products in our shop are in stock, except for holidays, they can be shipped within 48 hours.