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Noiseless Small Bitcoin Miner Lucky Miner V6 500G/S 320G/S With BM1366 Asic Chip Based On Bitaxe Ultra Crypto Miner Price: US $144.71

Price: 144.71

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Products Name
  • Lucky miner LV06 Introduction

  • 1. Product overview

  • [Lucky miner LV06] is a compact, safe and portable cryptocurrency mining machine, using 5nm ASIC chip, designed for personal and family mining. This mining machine uses advanced technology and high-quality components to ensure high efficiency and long-term stable operation. Lucky miner LV06 mining machine supports multiple cryptocurrencies of SHA-256 algorithm (BTC, BCH, BSV, DGB…and up to 42 types), and is suitable for multiple mining modes (SOLO, PPLNS, PPS, PROP… .), which can meet the diverse needs of different miners.

  • 2. Equipment specifications

    2.1 Model: Lucky miner LV06

    2.2 Computing unit: 5nm ASIC IC (SHA-256)

    2.3 Network: WiFi

    2.4 Power supply: DC socket (5V, ≥4A)

  • 3. Product features

    3.1 Convenience: The LV06 mining machine is small and exquisite, easy to carry; it adopts a DC interface design, and with an adapter, it can be easily connected to an AC socket (100-240V), allowing you to mine anytime and anywhere.

    3.2 Efficiency: The LV06 mining machine adopts efficient mining algorithms and professional high-tech ASIC chips, which can provide stable hash rate (Hashrate) and energy efficiency ratio (Power Efficiency), helping miners obtain more cryptocurrency benefits.

    3.3 Security: LV06 mining machine uses hardware encryption technology to protect your mining data and privacy.

    3.4 Diversity: LV06 mining machine supports 42 cryptocurrencies of SHA-256 algorithm, such as BTC, BCH, BSV, DGB… etc.; it is more suitable for a variety of mining modes (SOLO, PPLNS, PPS, PROP… ), users can choose different currencies and different mining modes for mining according to their own needs, with unlimited gameplay and endless fun.

    3.5 Ease of use: LV06 mining machine requires no additional settings and management, just plug and play. Users only need to connect the mining machine to the AC socket, configure WiFi, and start mining. At the same time, the mining machine configuration is suitable for computers, mobile phones and other devices that can connect to WIFI, making it convenient for users to set parameters and monitor.

  • 4. Product parameters

  • 4.1 Hashrate: 500GH/s ±10%

    4.2 Power consumption: 13Watt±5%

    4.3 Noise: <35db

    4.4 Size:

    130*66*40mm(off Packaging Size);

    212*180*78mm(Packaging Size);

    4.5 Weight:

    208g (Net weight);

    432g (Gross weight);

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