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New XIAOMI Redmi Computer Speaker Four-Unit Two-Channel Stereo RGB Ambient Light Bluetooth 5.0 Built-in Microphone Knob Control Price: US $50.76

Price: 50.76

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Main Feature


* Four-unit acoustic configuration, large full-range speakers, surging bass

* Two-channel stereo sound, wide sound range, positioning of sounds by listening, and more three-dimensional sound

* Multi-scene sound effects, suitable for music, games, movies and other scene styles

* RGB colorful atmosphere light, which can be adjusted and changed, and the light moves with the sound

* Knob-type multi-function button, one-button operation, simple and convenient

* 53° sky sound field design, upward angle, excellent sound effect

* The USB-A and Type-C interfaces are combined into one, making it easy to connect monitors, computers, mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices.

* Low latency Bluetooth version 5.0

* AUX IN wired connection, equipped with 3.5mm audio input interface, the output is more stable

Detailed parameters

Redmi computer speakers

Golden Ear certification | Four-unit stereo | Multi-scene sound effects | RGB ambient lighting

Four-unit acoustic configuration, balanced three-band, more powerful bass

Dual neodymium iron boron full-range speakers, racetrack-shaped structure design, rich and pleasant mid-frequency details. Equipped with large-size dual passive radiators to enhance low-frequency sound effects.

CGEC Golden Ear Preferred Certification

Two-channel symmetrical layout, wide-area sound field is more three-dimensional

The two-channel symmetrical layout and internal independent air-tight cavity reduce channel interference. The sound field is wide and layered, and the sound is three-dimensional and accurate, lingering in both ears. Listening to sound positioning is more accurate

Ergonomic design, 53° sky sound field structure

Designed specifically for desktop scenes, the speaker has a 53° tilt angle structure and the overall sound angle is raised to form a sky sound field. When the speaker is placed under the monitor, the sound is still directed toward your face, allowing you to immerse yourself in the wonderful music.

Professional DSP audio processor, five finely tuned EQ scene sound effects

RGB magic light strip

The 16 RGB lamp beads at the bottom are neatly arranged to form an RGB magic light strip. 5 styles of lighting effects can be changed at will.

Sound pickup rhythm lighting effect, real-time capture, light moves with sound

In the "pickup rhythm" mode, DSP intelligently analyzes the music spectrum, and the light strips rise and fall with the music in real time.

Minimalist body design

Simple cylindrical one-piece design, covered with exquisite mesh fabric, suitable for various home styles. Stylish colorful light strips and large knobs create a stylish table setting atmosphere.

Built-in microphone, listen and chat at the same time

Built-in hidden microphone, you can listen and chat during voice calls, online class exchanges, remote meetings, playing games, etc. without affecting normal communication.

More details

Side knob: One button for multiple functions, easy to adjust the sound

Top function keys: multi-function one-key adjustment, with indicator light

High-quality mesh: delicate feel, versatile style

Silicone feet: stable, non-slip, reducing resonance

Easy to connect

The USB-A and Type-C interfaces are combined into one, making it easy to connect monitors, computers, mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices, making it easier to connect data and power via one line.

*One-line communication function integrates the speaker power supply and audio transmission functions into a USB data cable, with a built-in sound card, plug and play. This function may cause abnormal playback due to reasons such as cables, docking stations, compatibility of connected devices, software versions, etc. Please refer to actual experience.

Convenient Bluetooth connection

Low-latency Bluetooth 5.0, easily connects to mobile phones and tablets, is compatible with more wireless devices, and makes switching playback more convenient.

*The Bluetooth connection function requires the speaker to be powered on via USB before use.

AUX IN wired connection

Equipped with a 3.5mm audio input interface, it can be connected to CD players, vinyl record players and other audio source devices to reduce latency and make the output more stable.

*The AUX IN wired connection function requires the speaker to be powered on via USB before use.

*The AUX IN wired connection function requires the purchase of an additional 3.5mm audio cable for use.

Package list:



Switch key:

Click: switch sound effects

Double click: switch audio channels

Press and hold for 2 seconds: turn on Bluetooth pairing mode

Light key:

Click: switch sound effects

Long press for 2 seconds: turn on/off sound effects

Multi-function keys:

Click: power on, play/pause music, answer/hang up calls

Double click: next song, switch to incoming calls

Three hits: Previous song

Press and hold for 2 seconds: turn off the phone and reject the call

Press and hold for 8 seconds: restore factory settings

Rotate clockwise: increase volume

Rotate counterclockwise: decrease volume

Pilot indicator light

Steady white: Bluetooth is connected

Flashing white: Bluetooth pairing in progress

Flashing orange: charging

Flashing red: equipment failure

RGB light strip

White breath: incoming call

Flashing white: Incoming call

Orange breathing: sleep mode


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