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Asik Used Ebit E12 44T Crypto Mining Device Asic Miner Bitcoin Miner is better than Antminer T17 42T series Price: US $357.59

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Please note, please do not place orders directly, we will not arrange delivery for customers who purchase directly! Since the mining machine is a special product, the price and inventory change every day, so you need to consult customer service to get the latest quotation, thank you! Please click on the image directly below to get the latest price directly.

Product parameters:

Miner Type: Asic Miner

Miner model: Ebit E12

Hashrate: 44TH/S (-5%~+5%)

Power consumption: 57W/T (-5%~+10%, working temperature 25℃)

Size: 205mm*195mm*303mm

Weight: about 8.5KG

Fan: 2

Network Connection: Ethernet

Working temperature: 25℃ working temperature

Working humidity: 5%RH~95%RH

About machine quality

For a brand new machine, we will shoot the packing video of the machine for you, you can clearly see the SN code of the machine, and make sure that the machine you receive is from us.

Second-hand machines, after we receive the payment, will be tested by professional personnel to ensure that the machine's computing power and heat dissipation capacity are up to the standard before arranging delivery for you. We will also send you a test video of the machine.

1. About transportation

If you have your own freight forwarder in China, please let us know and we will send the machine to your freight forwarder warehouse and your freight forwarder will arrange the shipment.

2. About after-sales service

Brand new machines come with an official warranty that usually lasts six months or a year.

Because USED miners are particularly fragile, radiators and chips are particularly easy to fall off during transportation, but we provide customers with 30-day free repair parts service, and customers need to bear the cost of round-trip express delivery and customs duties.

3.About packaging

The miner is very fragile, we pack each package carefully, we prepare a lot of shock absorbing materials to protect the machine, such as foam, inflatable membrane, wooden frame. We recommend buying at least three or more quantities at a time, because then we can put a wooden frame outside the package, and the wooden frame can minimize damage due to shipping collisions!

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